New Coal Power Plant vs Health

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In recent news topic, the new minister RR challenge VP JK to debate on the issue of build an additional 35 Gig watts of new power plants, while 22 Gig watts of which would come from coal power plants.

Based on recent report on the research “The Human Cost of Coal” from Harvard University and Greenpeace Southeast Asia, reveals that Indonesia’s coal-fired power plants cause an estimated 7,100 premature deaths every year. The number would increase to 28,000 per year if Jokowi – JK government goes ahead with an ambitious rollout of more than one hundred new coal-fired power plants. According to the report, the cause of this would be the emissions from coal-fired power plants form particulate matter and ozone would endanger to human health. More common that would likely happen in community are heart attacks, lung cancer and other cardiovascular and respiratory diseases that would likely to cut human’s life. The focus would be the quality of air and health.

By this plan to come, I urge the importance of life and health insurance to protect you and your beloved family. Not just having this issue now, even though there is no such issue like this, you would need health insurance to cover you. Of course we wouldn’t expect to be ill and hospitalized, but one never knew. Insurance protect us from such unexpected and accidentally sickness which might happened to us in the future.

As a family, you would need to buy each of your family members a health insurance and the bread-winner also a life insurance. No need to buy your kids a life insurance, because we do not expect our kids to ‘go’ first before their parents, right? Well, the point of buying life insurance is to make sure our kids are covered enough if we, as the bread-winner, gone. Not vice-versa.

This issue of having new coal power plant, quality of air, human health are just point out lately, but the main point is to take care our family by having sufficient protection with insurance.


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